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We accept payments through Stripe at checkout which accept majority of the credit cards.

Care for preserved flowers

Preserved flowers require no maintenance. Just keep them away from direct sunlight and do not water them.

It is possible to clean preserved flowers with dry cloth.

Care for fresh flowers

Cut the stems for 45 degree angle and put it in a vase to maintain flower freshness for a longer period.

Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and heat. Flowers survive best under cool conditons such as in an air conditioned room.

Do you do weddings/ events?

YES!  We are happy to served you. Kindly send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are flowers in candles flammable?

YES!  They are! However, do not worry. we advice you to light it up carefully and do not leave candle out of sight! It will not catch a huge fire but you can choose to remove the flowers carefully once that wax of that portion have melted.

Do note that the jar is hot when candle is light up ! 

When should I say goodbye to my candle?

NEVER burn a candle all the way down. Stop using the candle once it is burning near to the bottom of the glass

Are your candles formulated using safe ingredients?

All our candles are formulated using premium soy wax which are biodegradable and a combination of fragrance and essential oils that are phthalate free

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